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ZOGO - Financial Literacy Made Easy

It Finally Pays To Learn About Finance. Literally!

That is why We Florida Financial has partnered with Zogo, a gamified mobile app, to help our members learn the basics of personal finance. The best part? You get paid to use it.

Download the Zogo app now, and type in the access code: WEFLORIDA  and work your way through bite-sized lesson modules on a variety of finance topics, from opening a credit union shareholders account to protecting your investments as well as special offerings from We Florida Financial! For each module completed, you can earn points in the form of virtual pineapples that you can redeem for gift cards at your favorite vendors like Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and more.

At We Florida Financial, we want to provide all of our Members with the tools they need to build a bright financial future. Start with the Zogo app today, and we can work toward that goal together.

KOFE - Knowledge of Financial Education

We Florida Financial has partnered with Consolidated Credit and KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education) to help you and your family get financially fit. As a We Florida Financial Member, you have free access to unlimited tools, resources and in-person coaching to help you build and maintain financial stability.

  • Financial publications and articles
  • Educational videos
  • Webinars and interactive courses
  • Financial coaching to help you rebuild or maintain your credit

KOFE is a service of Consolidated Credit, located in Broward County and available to serve you by phone or in-person. Visit KOFE online to find a wealth of free educational content, videos, books, calculators and even live chat with a KOFE Financial Coach. To schedule a free telephone or in-person session with a Financial Coach, call KOFE at 866-243-1904.

To register on the KOFE website and access educational content, click the Register link at the bottom of the page, then use Registration Code weflorida on the next page.



We Help People Protect, Invest and Plan for Their Future.

Our company was founded more than 80 years ago by credit union leaders who were looking for an insurance and investment partner they could trust. For generations, we’ve helped credit unions, businesses and hardworking Americans build financial security.

The financial landscape is ever-changing. Loan balances are increasing, memberships are on the rise, and the growth rate of savings is decreasing. CUNA Mutual Group helps credit unions navigate these changes with our proven products, time-tested know-how, and decades of experience. Learn how CUNA Mutual Group helps credit unions provide their members with the strategies to attain financial security in this fluctuating environment.

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Get Started Saving

If you’re ready to start saving, but you don’t know where to begin, We Florida Financial can help. Here are seven simple steps to get your savings on the fast track.

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We Make Switching Easy

Our automated account switching solution makes it easy for you to quickly and securely switch over your recurring direct deposits and automatic account payments.

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