6 Florida Airshows Not to Miss in 2019

6 Florida Airshows Not to Miss in 2019

The favorable climate and geography of the Sunshine State make it almost uniquely suited to the staging of air displays, and its long show season typically runs from January to November.

The 2019 calendar features a wide range of events guaranteed to appeal to aviation and military history enthusiasts, aerobatics fans, vacationers and families looking for a great day out.

Here are just a few of our top picks.

Melbourne Air and Space Show – March 30-31

This perennially popular show at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport will feature numerous ground displays and both military and civilian flying performers.

The full line up is yet to be announced, but confirmed participants already include the USAF Heritage Flight, the Army Black Daggers parachute display team, the B25 Panchito, the Sky Soldiers Tactical Helicopter Demo Team (Vietnam Cobras) and various aerobatic displays.

But the highlight of the show will be the first public appearance of the U.S. Air Force F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

Sun’n Fun International Fly-In and Expo – April 2-7

The 6-day airshow is just part of the packed program of events at this year’s Lakeland Sun’n Fun, but it’s well worth a visit in its own right.

There’s a different schedule for each day but stars of the show will include the Navy Blue Angels, the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Para-Commandos, the “Korean War Hero” F4U-4 Corsair and numerous aerobatic displays such as the Paradigm Team, AeroShell and the Geico Sky-Typers.

We’re also delighted to announce that the We fly team will be hosting a booth for the full week of the show. Stop by to find out more about our aviation financing deals, play some games or just to say hello.

Fort Lauderdale Air Show – May 4-5

One of Florida’s favorite beach shows, visitors can opt for either Flight Line Club or Drop Zone Beach tickets for close up views of the planes over the ocean.

The full list of 2019 participants is expected to be announced in the near future, but the line-up will be headlined by the US Navy Blue Angels display team. The USAF F-22 Raptor Demo team, the Geico SkyTypers aerobatic display team and the US SOCOM Para-Commandos are also among those confirmed to attend.

As at Sun'n Fun, representatives from the We fly team will be on hand to explain just how easy it can be learn how to fly or buy an airplane.

Miami Beach Air and Sea Show - Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-26

Part of the year-long National Salute to America’s Heroes, the Air and Sea Show off South Beach will feature displays from all branches of the American military as well as civilian performers.

In the air, spectators can see the Lima Lima aerobatic team, the Navy Blue Angels, Army, Navy and Air Force parachute teams, and an array of fighter jets and bombers including the B-52, the F-22 Raptor and the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber.

On the water, there’ll be air sea rescue and US Customs drugs interdiction exercises along with offshore power boat racing.

Finally, after dark, a fireworks display will be launched from a US Army Landing Craft just offshore.

Florida International Air Show - November 1-3

Described by USA Today as “One of the ‘10 best air shows around the world”, 2019 marks the 38th straight year the Florida International will be held at the Punta Gorda Airport, on the southwest coast between Florida and Ft. Myers.

This year’s show will feature a number of top aerobatics displays including Dash Aerosports, Red Line Airshows, the Geico Sky-Typers and the Alabama Boys.

But pride of place on the bill must go to the USAF Thunderbirds. The Air Force’s premier display team has been enjoyed by millions of spectators since its formation in 1953 and is currently showcasing the awesome capabilities of the F-16 Falcon.

Stuart Airshow - November 1-3 

Unfortunately it’s scheduled for the same weekend as the Florida International, but real enthusiasts will have the choice of three full days to take in the Stuart when it returns to Martin County’s Witham Field in November.

A regular on the calendar and a three time Southeast Tourism Authority award winner, this year’s headliners include the Air Force’s F-16 Viper Demo team, the Special Operations Command Black Daggers and the Navy Leap Frogs parachute teams, the AeroShell and Twin Tigers aerobatics teams, and a display of skywriting.

Aviation History Tours

In addition to these air shows, Florida also plays host each year to a number of visits from groups such as the Wings of Freedom and the Commemorative Air Force tours.
Primarily aimed at military aviation buffs, the tours offer not only a rare sight of these vintage warbirds in the air but sometimes even a chance to ride in them.

The Private Flyers’ Paradise

If this feast of aerial activity fires your imagination, you’re not alone. With all its natural advantages it’s not surprising that Florida is home to many flying clubs and recreational aviators who have found that getting in the air is now surprisingly affordable.

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