A Sampling of Small Airports with Some of the Best Food and Views

A Sampling of Small Airports with Some of the Best Food and Views

It's been said about success, happiness and other goals that the journey is more important than the destination. Some airports make particularly memorable waypoints on a cross-country flight or day trip. In addition to topping off the plane's fuel, pilots and passengers can have a satisfying meal and enjoy a view or experience which may not be easily available to those who travel by land.

Here are a few locations around the country where you can sit down for a good meal and enjoy the view or walk a short distance after landing and be somewhere you won't forget.

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC)

This airport is a popular destination for visiting the Denver area and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Instrument approaches are no problem here, but it is on the edge of Denver International Airport's Class B airspace so there are some extra rules to observe when flying in the area. The view of the mountains is up close and personal, very majestic, and the food at the Blue Sky Bistro is delicious and varied.

Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport (KJGG)

This airport has its own Facebook page. There's good food, music, fly-ins with interesting aircraft and rotorcraft, and it's just by Historic Williamsburg. Flying in is old-school CTAF: talk among yourselves, no tower is involved.

Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport (KFHB)

This airport gets busy with the Concours d'Elegance car show and related car auction each year when you can see jets from international origins. Otherwise, it's just a great place from which to walk to the beach and maybe stay in a B&B or resort. There are two golf courses adjacent.

Vero Beach Regional Airport (KVRB)

This historic airport is worth seeing for the beautiful old terminal building and you'll eat well at C.J. Cannon's Restaurant on site.

Chalet Suzanne Air Strip (X25)

This location and its delicious French food are memorable. Its future is somewhat in question, so check in before you make a trip there. Their Facebook page is here with a video of the approach on YouTube -- a classic grass strip, nothing fancy at all but enough for pilots to get in for a meal.

Hungry pilots can find great destinations all over the country. We want you to enjoy yourself and what better way than going out to eat by air! Don't own a plane or want to learn more about flight training? Contact We fly to learn about our aviation program.