Aviation Flying Clubs: What are they?

airplane at airport

Many aspiring pilots are concerned with not only the cost of earning a private pilot’s license but once they acquire it, if they will be able to afford to fly. Owning a plane or just renting a plane is a very expensive hobby.

That’s what flying clubs bring to the table. There are many reasons you might consider joining a local flying club. The biggest advantage of a flying club is that the members share in the expense of owning and maintaining the aircraft that are part of the club. Thus, the hourly rates a club charges for the use of its aircraft are almost always less than what you can find at your local airport.

Membership dues in a club vary widely but a general guide is that there is a one-time initial charge between $1,000 and $2,000 which in some cases is returned to you when you leave the club. Then there is usually a monthly fee that can range from $100 to $300.

Besides the economic side offered by flying clubs there is also the comradery shared by the members, all or most of whom are pilots who like to get together and share stories with fellow flying enthusiasts.