Benefits of Using E-statements

Benefits of Using E-statements

In this day and age, doing good for the environment should be a priority on everyone's mind. From cleaning up trash to reducing waste, people from all over the world are doing what they can to improve this planet. One way that’s done involves using e-statements over traditional paper statements. Although it seems like a minimal change, using e-statements can lead to some amazing benefits. While environmental change is a leading benefit, using e-statements poses some other incredible advantages. See below for a list of the benefits.


Using e-statements over paper statements can actually be more secure than you think. According to The Federal Trade Commission, they estimate about 400,000 Americans last year had their mail stolen, and also fell victim to identity theft. That’s a very high number and Americans have been looking for ways to find a solution. One successful solution lies with using e-statements.


Getting the mail can be a very inconvenient task, from walking to the mailbox to dealing with the clutter, it can be stressful dealing with mail. That being said, a more convenient alternative lies with utilizing e-statements. Not only are they faster and more secure, but they also provide some much-needed convenience in our hectic lives.


One of the leading benefits of using e-statements is that they are far better for the environment. According to, “The U.S. uses approximately 68 million trees each year to produce paper and paper products.” While trees provide a great deal of oxygen for the planet, we must do what we can to reduce that extremely high number. Using e-statements is a way for the U.S. to limit paper usage and work towards a better planet.

Reducing Clutter

Another benefit of using e-statements is that they help to reduce clutter. Especially those with large families, the clutter can really add up quickly. From clothes and homework to tax documents and paper mail, it all leads to a giant mess. And if you still use paper statements, it just adds to the clutter. While e-statements benefit the environment, they also lead to limiting the mess.

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We strongly believe in the benefits of using e-statements. We Florida Financial is a credit union that is strongly focused on helping the environment while focusing on the needs of our customers. Find out how simple it is to sign up for e-statements!