Car Loans Through We Florida Financial

man leaning out of car window

Do you have your eye on a shiny new vehicle that would fit perfectly in your driveway? Or will you soon need a bigger car, an additional car for a new driver, or a more energy-efficient vehicle? Purchasing a car or truck is a big decision with many variables, and we’d like to alleviate worries about one of those variables: the car loan.

At We Florida Financial, car loans are one of the many ways that we support and serve our members and their financial needs. But why choose a credit union for your auto loan?

A Better Process

Whether you’re purchasing a vehicle at a dealership, from a private seller, buying out a lease, or refinancing, we can help you through the process. In fact, working with a credit union offers you the same services as a bank, but with the added benefits of a member-based relationship and sense of community. Should you run into trouble making payments, your credit union is more likely to work with you and find solutions than a far-away bank.

Competitive Rates

Credit unions like We Florida Financial offer the same competitive rates as other banks. With us, you can finance up to 100% of the MSRP of a new untitled vehicle, and up to 100% of the NADA retail value of a previously titled vehicle. We will work with anyone in the area who qualifies!

We Drive Car Buying Solution

Get your next car in two easy steps with help from our team at We Drive. The staff will guide you through the car buying process, helping you find the exact vehicle that’s right for you.

  • Call us and tell us what you’re looking for
  • Get approved for a loan that fits your budget

We’ll find your car at the right price!

Refinance Your Auto Loan—And Get a Cash Bonus!

If you refinance your auto loan with another lender, check with us. We will lower your rate by 1% or more, plus we’ll give you a cash bonus! Find out more (and get started) here!

We look forward to helping you secure an auto loan or find the right vehicle for you, so you can hit the open road. Contact us today.