Credit Union Auto Loans Are a Better Deal

cu auto loans are a better deal

Did you ever wonder why car dealers want to have you finance at their dealership?  It’s customary in the industry for lenders to pay dealers a fee for these loans, and in some cases dealers are allowed to mark up the rate (APR) and keep the difference.  It’s perfectly legal but I bet you didn’t know about it.  

When you come directly to your credit union, you get a great rate and we have rate discounts for many members.  We offer rate discounts for members in our Premium and Select relationship levels.  If you have certain services with us, such as a checking account and a credit card, you may qualify for additional rate discounts.  We also give “loyalty discounts” to reward members who have been with us for certain periods of time.  And if you take advantage of our We Drive onsite dealer partner, we reduce your rate even further.  Plus we give you lower “new car” rates on pre-owned vehicles up to two model years old with less than 36,000 miles.  We’ve got rates that go as low as 1.74% with all discounts as of October 2019.

Please call or stop by We Drive to talk with one of our friendly staff and start taking advantage of what your credit union has to offer.  

Not a member?  Ask about joining.  It’s easy and open to everyone in South Florida.