Credit Unions & Their Members: A Lifetime Partnership

grandfather, son and grandson having fun

Soon it will be my thirty-fifth anniversary! Not a wedding anniversary, but I've been a credit union member for thirty-five years. It all started when my father opened an account for me at the credit union for the pharmaceutical company where he worked.

That tiny savings account grew enough to allow me to purchase my first car. OK, the car was old and pitiful, but sometimes if the wind was calm and the planets aligned correctly it would start! Thanks to the credit union's student loan program, I was able to attend Rutgers University. That rusty Rambler did not make my life better, but attending Rutgers definitely did.

As my life progressed I wound up working at a major airline. It was time to move to that airline's credit union and it was also the time to buy a new car. Of course, the credit union's financing was a better deal than what the dealer offered. I still remember how the check for my new car had a great picture of a 747 in the background. I was amazed that I didn't get a payment booklet because the credit union automatically deducted my payments from my checking account.

After tiring of living in the cold north, I transferred to sunny Florida. The big airline credit union didn't have any branches in South Florida, so I joined City County Credit Union for the convenience of having a branch nearby. Then I learned that no matter where I am in the country, there's a City County Credit Union branch nearby through the CU Service Center network. Using a credit union for all of my financial needs has grown easier over the years. CCCU can enhance your life from youth to retirement and beyond!