Fun and Necessary Technologies for Your Small Aircraft (which we can help finance)

Fun and Necessary Technology for Your Small Aircraft

Are you missing technology in your plane?

Modern cars are full of technology -- what about your plane? Autos have navigation, collision avoidance, even features to keep you in your lane along with satellite entertainment and video touchscreen control. It's time to think about what new technology your plane needs.

Options for Small Plane Upgrades

Let's look at four major areas of aviation technology for private pilots.

Major Navigation and Instrument Panel Upgrades ("glass cockpit")

You can usually get a Garmin G-500 or similar equipment into your older plane starting in the ten to twenty thousand dollar range, depending on the installation and target plane. You'll catch up with essential navigation and communication technologies and FAA requirements, have access to satellite-based weather charts and so much more. Touchscreen technology is available, too.

Mandated and Important Tech Upgrades for 2020

Lots of changes are coming in the year 2020 which will make flying in controlled airspace safer and easier but also cost some money for compliance. No worries, at We Florida Financial we can help with the finances part. If you're not doing the glass cockpit, upgrading your transponder to Mode S for easier controlled airspace transit usually runs around two thousand to five thousand for the unit plus installation and often gets you ADS-B included. Look for special government rebates.

Fun Toys and Accessories

You can make videos of your flights like this one of a night approach using the Garmin G-600 (G-500's big brother). Use equipment like GoPro with aviation brackets for a video solution costing about $500 per device. Handheld COM transceivers such as ICOM's for around $300 are great for listening to the local tower, ground and ATIS when you're not in your plane and serve as a backup in case of in-flight radio failure.

Family Entertainment

If you have someone in the back of your Cessna 182 in a child seat, seatback video is a proven babysitter. Since the FAA tightly regulates plane modifications, you can use an automotive seatback bracket for $50-150 and a tablet such as an iPad for $500 and up to show movies en route.

Keeping up with technology makes flying more fun and ATC transitions as smooth as possible. At We Florida Financial, our We fly program helps you manage the cost of keeping up. To find out more please call us at 954-913-7871 or send us an online message here.