How to make an extra $1,000

Woman walking many dogs.

Could you use an extra $1,000? Who couldn’t? No need to whip out your resume or ask your rich uncle for a loan. Here are five ways in which most of us can earn some cash honestly and easily.

  1. Be a dog sitter or dog walker. Recently, many of my relatives had to attend a destination wedding in another country. Being fussy pet people they did not want to leave their animals in a boarding facility or with strangers. Since one nephew could not attend, he volunteered to watch the four-legged ones. The happy dog owners, with sighs of relief, were only too happy to leave their beloved creatures with someone they could trust. My nephew did something he loved and was handsomely rewarded for his efforts.
  2. Sell products online. Some of my young co-workers buy items at thrift stores and flea markets and re-sell them on eBay or Craigslist for a nice profit. The items range from never-used clothing to fancy electronics.
  3. Run errands for busy people. Many professionals are too busy to take care of certain chores. Enter the clever entrepreneur who will gladly pick up their dry cleaning, go to the grocery, pick up the pizza, shop for a birthday gift, etc. – for a fee. Here is another win-win situation and a $1,000 in the making.
  4. Drive for rideshare services. Driving for an Uber or Lyft is another way to supplement income today. Check it out. You may be surprised.
  5. Make travel arrangements. People will pay for other peoples’ travel experiences and knowledge that can be used to make their lives easier. Seasoned travelers can book airfares, hotels and popular attractions and can even make dinner reservations to save precious time for their clients. Many wealthy people will pay for this convenience.

And what do you do with your hard-earned $1,000? Easy. Deposit it into a one-year CD at the credit union. You won’t be tempted to touch it and you will gain interest on the fruits of your labor.