New Year, New Resolutions

friends walking on beach

Most of us make a New Year's resolution at some point in our lives. The passing of one year and looking forward to the next brings both reflection and promise. What I like about resolutions is that we identify goals that we have the power to change ourselves, such as reading more, starting an exercise program or saving money.

If your goals for 2014 include saving, budgeting, getting out of debt or improving your financial situation (however you define that), City County Credit Union can help. Most of the happy CCCU employees that you meet or speak with on a daily basis are happy to share their personal secrets to financial well-being. It's part of our nature (and the credit union way!) to ensure that we all succeed financially. That's the spirit of a cooperative, after all.

Feel free to ask us for a financial tip the next time you call or visit a branch. Do you have a favorite money management web site or app? Tell us about it!