Not your Grandmother’s Credit Union

professional woman walking down street with phone

Many of our members were introduced to us by a loyal parent or grandparent who sent their youngsters to CCCU because it was the best place for their money. This is still true. But times have changed. We are no longer your grandmother's credit union.

Today, City County Credit Union is not only more modern and technologically advanced; it is also a community minded, progressive and forward thinking financial institution. We support our members, our employees and numerous Broward County charities but we are also part of positive local and international movements. We know that credit unions change lives everywhere. As such we have become part of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). This organization harnesses the power of volunteers and donations from many credit unions in wealthy nations to create opportunities for the world's working poor.

A powerful arm of the WOCCU is the Global Women's Leadership Network. This group is growing rapidly here in the United States and internationally. Its vision is to provide women with the opportunity and resources to make a measureable difference in the lives of each other, in the lives of credit union members and in their communities. I am part of this group and we just launched the Florida Chapter

Last month, close to one hundred women from all over the state met in Orlando to interact, access resources, and learn from the experience of our peers. Realizing the common challenges that face us all over the world, we as credit union women have committed ourselves to empower other women in this country and especially in poor nations all over the world. We pledged to launch programs that enable females to start small businesses and break the cycle of dependence. I am happy to say that the Global Womens Leadership Network has already made a well –documented difference in the lives of credit union women members in large developing countries -- Columbia, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

I am proud to a part of such a group. We know that entire nations become better when women are taken under the wings of a financial cooperative and they grow and prosper. I am proud to be an employee of a caring institution which is not your grandmother's credit union. It's better.