Retirement Planning 101

happy retired couple holding hands in a marina

Retirement. It’s not exactly like death and taxes but it’s pretty much inevitable. So like everything else in life, it pays to do a little planning. With this wise thought in mind, I headed off on Tuesday, June 13 to the Members Financial seminar on Social Security at the credit union’s Pembroke Pines branch.

The speaker, Josh Taylor, was engaging and entertaining. With his quick wit and conversational tone, he led us through the topic while sharing tips and real life stories. There were indeed some revelations. Who knew that waiting four years to collect could make a big difference in the amount collected for life?  Who would think that they could collect benefits through an ex-spouse without needing his or her consent? Despite the seriousness of the topic, Josh sometimes had the audience in stitches as he wove in jokes and anecdotes. Before we knew it, almost two hours had gone by.  It was time to go and time to start planning.

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