A Penny Saved

a pile of coins on a table

When I was a kid my father would take advantage of a rainy summer day and had me and my two brothers roll coins. It seemed that the empty peanut butter jars of coins he had accumulated were never ending. This was no small task - it took us hours and hours, but I didn't mind. The work was mindless and I liked the sense of accomplishment from seeing the full rolls neatly stacked (was this a precursor to my banking career?).

Occasionally I would find a fifty cent piece, a wheat penny or a Canadian penny and would set those aside—for what, I don't know. The pennies were the easiest to roll because there were so many. The mystery was always could I find enough quarters to fill a roll? Ten dollars! As the number of full rolls grew, so did my thoughts about how to spend the money. I still toss coins in an old coffee can but they don't seem to add up the way my father's coins did. Nevertheless, I still believe "a penny saved is a penny earned." Thanks Dad!