Tighten Your Waist AND Your Wallet!

man pulling cash out of wallet; photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Just as I expected, coming back to work after three months away on maternity leave wasn’t an easy thing. Being separated from my baby, adjusting to a new routine and being sleep deprived is lots of fun… not! Having to buy new clothes to fit my post-pregnancy body, deal with a lot of new expenses and still think about dieting is the icing on the not so fun cake. All this internal angst had to be channeled positively somehow and so the Tighten Your Waist & Your Wallet campaign was born; the perfect program to help myself, but also my community and business contacts that count on me for their financial education.

The campaign features an educational seminar that Business Development created to show the cost benefits of working out and eating well, give tips on how to save money and demonstrate how to create a basic budget. Basically it promotes the idea that a healthy life isn’t just about the food you eat or how far you run, but also about relieving financial stress and making progress towards big goals like a new house… or in my case, a warehouse full of diapers. Plus we serve a healthy breakfast or lunch for anyone that participates in the campaign so it’s certainly a win-win for all.  Learn more about the Tighten Your Waist AND Your Wallet campaign