Tips to Keep You Safe During Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

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It’s tax time! Have you ever considered that you could be at risk for tax identity theft? Tax identity theft occurs when a thief files a fraudulent tax return using your Social Security number and collects your refund. It also occurs when someone uses your Social Security number to earn wages and sticks you with the tax bill. Often, people do not realize they are the victim of tax identity theft until after the crime, when they try to file their taxes.

We Florida Financial has the following tips to help you stay one step ahead of this hidden crime:

Watch out for suspicious emails and phone calls.

The IRS will never contact you by email or social media to request personal  information.

File early.

The earlier you file, the less chance you have of being a victim. 

Upgrade and protect yourself.

Your antivirus software should always be up-to-date. Make sure your firewall is turned on.

Be protective of your Social Security number.

Ask if it is absolutely necessary before you give your Social Security number to anyone. 

Protect your tax return with a strong password.  

Use a series of numbers, letters, and special characters. 

If you’re a We Florida Financial checking account holder and suspect tax identity theft, contact us for assistance.  We will put you in touch with an Identity Theft Recovery Advocate who will work with you one-on-one to analyze your unique situation and remediate any identity fraud.

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