What to Buy and What to Skip in July

July Shopping - Things to skip & to buy

Buy: Patriotic items

Pledge your allegiance along with your favorite retailers when buying almost anything under the sun in red, white and blue. Of course, you’ll also find discounted fireworks and July 4th decor, which can be stored for next year’s Independence Day festivities. 

Skip: Sunglasses

If you need a new pair of shades, you’re best off waiting a bit before springing for a new pair. Sunglasses are still retailing at full price this month, and won’t start to see discounts until September. For even steeper savings, pick up a new pair of shades in October. 

Buy: School and office supplies

By the time the calendar hits July, retailers are already deep into the back-to-school season. If you keep an eye out for sales through the rest of the summer, you’ll enjoy significant savings on all of your school and office supplies this year. 

Skip: Grills and patio furniture

School might be on the retail calendar, but that doesn’t mean summer’s history. Grills, patio furniture and other outdoor gear will still be going for full retail price in July. If you can hold out until mid- or late August, you’ll save a bundle on all you need to upgrade your outdoor living.

Buy: Summer apparel 

In July, fashion brands and apparel stores are already clearing their summer goods to make room for the incoming autumn line. That means they’re slashing prices. Look for discounts on tank tops, white sneakers, shorts and other summer wear you can still enjoy now or save for next year.

Skip: Lawnmowers

Lawn mowers are still in high demand through July, so they’re retailing at full price. As always, patience can be the key to significant savings: The longer into the season you wait, the better the price you can land on a lawn mower as well as other gardening tools and supplies. 

Buy: Amazon devices

Amazon is hosting its Prime Day sales event in July this year. Look for the exact dates to pick up some fantastic savings on all Amazon devices, including Echo speakers, Echo Show smart displays, Fire tablets, Kindle eBook readers and more. 

Use the tips here to know what to buy and what to skip this July.