Why I’m Loving the World Cup

cheering crowd at a soccer match

I don’t know why the World Cup was not on my radar in the past. Has it been hyped more this year? Maybe I’ve just been paying attention to sports lately, thanks to the Heat’s run to the NBA finals.

I’m watching the World Cup now…and whatever the reason, I’m enjoying it. I love that the enthusiasm for all teams go way beyond team spirit – this is national pride on display, beyond politics, biases and borders. The penalty cards, despite being handed out arbitrarily at times, seem much more civilized than an ineligible receiver call in the NFL. Bring on the players’ post-goal dances…we can’t do that here, or else we’d risk a penalty for excessive celebration. I can do without the fake injuries, though, and let’s just say that rally cry of “Seven Nation Army” is losing its allure.

In South Florida, we all see national pride a little more than in other parts of the country. Whatever the matchup, you’ll find a crowd gathered to support either side. In a city where everyone is lukewarm about our local teams (unless they’re winning), it’s refreshing to see such passion for a team. May the best team win!