Extending a hand to the underserved who have fallen through the “credit gap.”

Margate, Florida (February 20, 2020)  We Florida Financial is extending a hand to people who have fallen through the proverbial “credit gap.” These are individuals who cannot buy a car, not because they have bad credit, but because they have a limited credit history or no established credit at all.

The credit union is pleased to announce a new program that will change the dynamics for these individuals who are often young people or recent immigrants from a country with no established credit system. The First-Time Car Buyer Program will give successful candidates a $1,000 down payment to put towards their new vehicle. To further encourage their success, recipients will also be required to attend a “How to Buy a Car” seminar and must sit down to a one-on-one budget session with an advisor.

CEO Lloyd Gill thinks that the program will make a big difference in the lives of many who have been unable to afford a car because of their insufficient credit history. “In South Florida,” states Gill, “a car is critical. It is more than transportation. It represents the ability to get a job, take kids to school, buy groceries or to even start a small business.  It represents freedom and the American way.”

We Florida Financial is asking members interested in becoming a part of this innovative First-Time Car Buyer Program to contact We Drive, the credit union’s auto-buying solution, at 954-691-CARS (2277).

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