Six Reasons to Switch to E-Statements

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Quick, convenient and clutter-free, Electronic Statements are the way to secure your checking and savings account info.

Your We Florida Financial E-Statements work similarly to paper bank statements, except for the fact that they’re delivered electronically. At the end of each statement period, you’ll get an email from your credit union informing you that your E-Statement is ready to view through online banking, the mobile banking app or another secure digital means. Once you access the E-Statement, you’ll find it has all the information you’re used to getting with your paper statements. You can also access your E-Statement by logging into your online banking site or mobile banking app at any time throughout the month. Signing up for E-Statements is easy easy for South Florida members using our Online Banking online system.

Here are six reasons to consider switching to E-Statements.

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1. Check your accounts at a glance

With E-Statements, there’s no need to wait for your monthly bank statement to arrive in the mail. With just a few clicks, you can check your checking and savings account balance at anytime, anywhere, using the mobile device of your choice via We Florida Financial’s mobile banking app

2. Clear out the clutter

Why bother with piles of paperwork when you can access your accounts digitally? It’s neater, cleaner, and helps cut down on stuff flooding your mailbox.

3. Keep your information secure

With E-Statements, you’ll never have to worry about losing a paper that has your confidential bank account information, or mistakenly tossing it into the trash where it can be stolen.

4. Monitor your bank accounts for fraud

When you have instant access to your credit union or bank accounts throughout the month, it’s a lot easier to check for signs of fraud. Plus, when you spot the fraud sooner, you can take steps to stop and fix the damage earlier, giving you a better chance of a full recovery. Learn more about We Florida Financial’s Identity Theft and Fraud Protection program, We Protect.

5. Eco-friendly

Less paper statements mean less paper waste and fewer trees getting felled for something that will ultimately be tossed. Go green for the environment with E-Statements!

6. Safe and secure storage

With E-Statements, you’ll never stress about misplacing your checking and savings account statements again. Your online banking portal or mobile banking app acts as a convenient and secure filing cabinet, storing your bank account statements for access as needed.

Ready to make the switch to E-Statements? Signing up is easy! Just follow the instructions on our mobile banking app, or click on this [link] to get started.  

If you enroll in our E-Statement system, you’re one step closer to qualifying for our EarnMore Checking account. You can say hello to refunded ATM fees, the freedom to manage your money online 24/7 and even We Protect, our Identity theft detection and recovery program. If you’re someone who loves making the most of your money, look no further!

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