How much of your income should you save?

man saving money in jar

Your ideal savings rate depends on your goals and when you want to reach them. Are you saving for retirement? A vacation? Creating an emergency fund? There are also a variety of circumstances that can affect how much you should save. We’re going to breakdown the savings timelines and factors that go into figuring out how much to save and when.

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What are CDs and IRAs?

couple looking at computer

Are you thinking about investing but aren’t sure where to begin? CDs and IRAs are a good, low risk place to start. In this blog, we will explain just what these are and when it would be a good time to invest.

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5 Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

a couple reviewing paperwork with a bank staff member

Refinancing. You hear the term in the media almost every day especially in this low rate environment. Refinancing means paying off your existing mortgage with a new one. Should you do it? Consider these five reasons why refinancing may be right for you.

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5 Ways to Spend Less on Food

a man chopping food on a small cutting board while a woman beats eggs in a bowl.

When it comes to our finances, most people underestimate just how much they spend on food.  And while we can get rid of other expenses, food is the one line item that we cannot eliminate. We can however, spend a lot less with a bit of thought and planning.

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5 Tips on Caring for Your Aging Parents Without Going Broke

man at cafe; photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

"Once a man, twice a child.” People from the Caribbean know exactly what that means. It’s the inevitable circle of life. Humans begin life as helpless children and later, we again become dependent on others for assistance. In our forties and fifties, we will all see our parents aging and becoming more dependent. Then before we know it, the tables become completely turned and we begin to assume the role of caretakers.

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Tips to Keep You Safe During Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

senior man with tablet

It’s tax time! Have you ever considered that you could be at risk for tax identity theft? Tax identity theft occurs when a thief files a fraudulent tax return using your Social Security number and collects your refund. It also occurs when someone uses your Social Security number to earn wages and sticks you with the tax bill. Often, people do not realize they are the victim of tax identity theft until after the crime, when they try to file their taxes.

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10 Ways to Save on Holiday Shopping

happy couple window shopping

‘Tis the season. No matter what we say, most of us will end up spending a significant amount on holiday gifts. After all, no one wants to be a Scrooge. But never fear. There are ways to save hundreds of dollars this year on your holiday shopping, both online and in person. Here are 10 suggestions:

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Avoiding Flood Damaged Cars

cars in flood water during Hurricane Harvey

After the recent catastrophic storms in the southern United States, it is estimated that as many as 500,000 cars may have been flooded and seriously damaged.  A large percentage of these vehicles will find their way into the market for re-sale.

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How Debit Card Fraud Happens — and How to Avoid It

For many people, debit cards are the perfect plastic. They offer most of the conveniences of credit cards with no risk of accumulating debt.

But like credit cards, debit cards are vulnerable to rip-off artists. And debit card fraud is particularly scary because thieves can withdraw money directly from your checking account.

Here's how debit fraud happens and how to protect yourself.

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Car Loans Through We Florida Financial

man leaning out of car window

Do you have your eye on a shiny new vehicle that would fit perfectly in your driveway? Or will you soon need a bigger car, an additional car for a new driver, or a more energy-efficient vehicle? Purchasing a car or truck is a big decision with many variables, and we’d like to alleviate worries about one of those variables: the car loan.

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Retirement Planning 101

happy retired couple holding hands in a marina

Retirement. It’s not exactly like death and taxes but it’s pretty much inevitable. So like everything else in life, it pays to do a little planning. With this wise thought in mind, I headed off on Tuesday, June 13 to the Members Financial seminar on Social Security at the credit union’s Pembroke Pines branch.

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Four Major Myths about Credit Unions

group of friends at coffee shop

While credit unions have been around for more than a century, plenty of consumers are often faced with myths about what credit unions are – or aren’t. Credit unions are an excellent alternative to banks, and often have plenty more to offer. Let’s take a closer look as we debunk some misconceptions about credit unions.

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Buy Your Retirement Home Before You Retire

couple looking at a laptop and smartphone

If you’ve been thinking of buying a second home, you may not want to wait much longer. You may have heard that mortgage rates are expected to rise this year, which means waiting could cost you. Securing a mortgage for your second home now, while rates are low, means you can buy more home for your money.

If retirement is in your 5 to 10 year plan, you may be starting to think about buying your retirement home now. Or, you might want to buy a second home as a vacation home for your family. Either way, now is a good time to buy.

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