The Best Credit Union Auto Loans In South Florida

Gone are the stressful days of deciding where to get your next auto loan. We Florida Financial wants to help you get into your dream car with excellent auto loan rates for new and used cars. 

Interested in auto loans for refinancing your current vehicle or a title loan? We have options for those looking to reorganize their auto finances.

Cars & Truck Loans

Cars & Truck Loans

Whether you’re looking to buy a new car or truck, we have the vehicle financing you need to get out of the lot and out on the road. 

RV Loans

RV Loans

Adventure is calling from the open road! Our RV loan rates make it easier than ever to get out and roam free across the country at your own pace. 

Motorcycle  Loans

Motorcycle Loans

Get the best interest rate on your motorcycle loan. We offer some of the best motorcycle loan rates in Florida. 

Boat Loans

Boat Loans

Explore the seas with our boat loans. Our Boat loan rates make it easier to get out and enjoy the water on your terms. 


Let’s Take On The Open Road, Together!

Let We Florida Financial help you get into your next car or motorcycle with vehicle loans designed with our South Florida Members in mind. To learn more, call us at 954-745-2400.



Our Services

New Car Loan

Auto loans that finance up to 100% of the MSRP of a new, untitled motor vehicle.

Used Car Loan

Vehicle loans that finance up to 100% of the J.D. Power retail value of a previously-titled motor vehicle. 

Refinancing Vehicle Loans

We'll lower your auto loan rate up to 1% or more and give you a $100 cash bonus.

Title Loans

Get the cash you need quickly, without having to sell your vehicle.

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Why A Credit Union

Consider these differences between big banks and credit unions when deciding which options best meet your expectations.

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Setting up e-Statements

Enrolling in e-statements is not only a smart move for your personal convenience and financial security, but it's also a great way to do your part for the environment.


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