Putting Your Financial Safety & Long-Term Stability First

Robert D. Ramirez - President / CEO of We Florida Financial
March 3, 2023
Dear Member, 
In light of the recent instability in the banking world, we would like to affirm We Florida Financial’s commitment to protecting the financial safety and long-term stability of our members.  
  1. We Florida Financial is regulated by federal and state government agencies to ensure that it is operating safely and soundly.
  2. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) provides full deposit insurance for up to $250,000 per depositor at We Florida Financial.
  3. Additionally, our members may insure deposits beyond $250,000 by properly structuring their deposit accounts at We Florida Financial. If you would like to review your We Florida Financial accounts to make sure you have coverage beyond $250,000, please contact us or schedule a phone or in-person appointment.
  4. We Florida Financial is owned and operated by our members. We provide our members with lower loan rates, higher dividend rates and lower fees. Our #1 mission is to provide financial products and services which benefit you – our members – by providing financial security and opportunity.
  5. To keep things safe, we maintain a diverse portfolio of assets and investments that mitigate risk and ensure long-term financial stability. Our leadership continually assesses and manages risk to protect the interests of our members.  
At We Florida Financial, your financial safety and long-term stability always come first. 

Robert D. Ramirez
We Florida Financial

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