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Money Market

If you are seeking a financial product that can grow your funds more than a traditional savings account you might consider the benefits of a We Florida Financial Money Market Account.

There are plenty of advantages of Money Market Accounts. These include the ease of access to your account and the way your money is protected.




All Money Market Accounts are insured by the NCUA. 

Easy Access

Earn interest where your cash is accessed easily.

Superior Rates

Earn more interest than you would with a traditional savings account.

Money Market Investments

The main advantages of a Money Market Account are: 

  • Unlike certificates of deposit (CDs), you can easily access your money market savings several times a month.
  • Money Market Accounts are insured by the NCUA.
  • Your account will grow at an established rate, which makes Money Market Accounts a more reliable savings vehicle.
Investment Accounts
Minimum to Open
Minimum Balance
Dividend Rate
High Yield Accumulation Account
Personal Money Market Account
High Yield Investment Account

Rates effective 08/08/2022. 

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