We Protect Against Identity Theft & Fraud

We Florida Financial’s Identity Theft Protection For Our Members

The Federal Trade Commission reports that identity theft is consistently their top received complaint, outranking other forms of fraud. Significant data breaches happen to businesses of all sizes, leaving you and your finances vulnerable to fraudulent activity. That’s why at We Florida Financial, we employ our fraud protection for our Members with our We Protect security procedures.

Why We Protect?

Restoring your identity on your own can be time-consuming and stressful. After a while, some people give up, leaving them to contend with the aftermath of identity theft for years to come, including fraudulent bills, collections activity, damaged credit, and even criminal records.

For that reason, We Florida Financial dedicates ourselves to providing Members with the best identity theft protection and recovery services possible. Ensuring that our Members can live their lives with the assurance of a suite of services designed to secure their account and information. 

Our Services Include:



A professional, certified, and licensed Recovery Advocate will work on your behalf to restore your identity to pre-event status for any type of identity fraud you might experience or even suspect. This service extends to cover you and up to three generations of family! Click here for complete Terms and Conditions. 

If you become a victim or suspect you might be a victim of identity fraud for any reason, simply let us know. You do not have to confirm identity fraud before seeking assistance. We will put you in touch with a professional Recovery Advocate who, depending on your identity fraud incident, will:

  • Perform research to determine the extent of the problem, including a review of all three credit reports (if appropriate)
  • Assist with the placement of fraud alerts with the three major credit bureaus
  • Write letters/ make calls on your behalf to dispute fraudulent information
  • Coordinate with government agencies, financial institutions, and creditors to resolve incidents
  • Work with law enforcement to help to arrest and prosecute the criminals
  • Follow up for 12 months after recovery

This service covers all types of identity fraud, even if it is not related to your account with We Florida Financial. Types of identity fraud covered include credit/debit card fraud, tax fraud, employment fraud, government documents and benefits fraud, medical fraud, and any other identity fraud recognized by the Federal Trade Commission.


This service provides personalized one-on-one assistance to replace identity credential documents that have been lost, stolen, or destroyed in connection with your identity fraud event. For example, if you lose your wallet or your purse is stolen, your Recovery Advocate will help you replace critical documents.



You may receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the identity recovery process up to a maximum of $25,000, including reimbursement for lost wages, attorney’s fees, and other costs. View Evidence of Coverage.


If you choose to activate this service, you will receive alerts of changes to your credit file that could signal identity theft. We can even send the alerts to you in a text message for ease of use and rapid communication. The entitlement applies to individuals age 18 and older who have a valid credit file.

You must initiate an easy activation process to receive credit monitoring benefits. Primary checking account holders can activate no-cost credit monitoring benefits here. Your Enrollment ID is the last two digits of your year of birth, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and the last three digits of your account number. 



If you're looking for additional protection against identity theft, all We Florida Financial Members may purchase an identity fraud package that includes services that warn of possible identity theft. All packages include Fully Managed Recovery and Lost Document Replacement, plus other identity fraud detection and recovery benefits. Review package options and subscribe. 



Credit Card Fraud Protection


Fake emails and bank communications can be an easy way for hackers and scammers to get your personal and account information directly.

Card Skimming

Those looking to obtain your banking information can even access your card information from the transactions you make in unknown places.

Card Not Present

Hackers and scammers don’t have to have your card with them to spend your money. Those with your card information can spend from anywhere.

Account Takeover

In some cases, fraudsters can even steal your personal or business account information and conduct a complete account takeover.

Account Protection Measures to Keep In Mind

Before you go, remember a few ways you can help protect your debit or credit card from fraud:

  • Always keep your debit or credit card safe place
  • Avoiding sharing your card information with anyone
  • Destroying any document that has your card information
  • Reporting your lost or stolen card immediately

If you suspect fraud on your account, please contact us immediately at 954-745-2400, option 3, to speak to a We Florida Financial representative. 

Support, Protect, and Educate

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay

Unexpected financial issues are a part of life, and an overdraft shouldn’t hurt your financial future.

Financial Education

Financial Education

Knowledge is power when it comes to your finances, so we provide free educational materials for our members. 

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Mobile App

Manage all your We Florida Financial accounts and services directly from our mobile app, available on Apple and Android. 

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