Car Loans in Florida: Lower Rates from a Credit Union

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Car Loans with Lower Interest Rates at We Florida Financial

When it comes to car loans borrowers usually turn to their banks or the car dealer for financing. But did you know that an auto loan from a credit union provides more long-term benefits?

For borrowers, a crucial factor in determining which lender is best for them is the interest rate or APR. Comparing car loans from traditional lenders and a credit union, you may not see a huge difference in the APR. With traditional lenders, APR is usually pegged at 2.69% while APR from a credit union is about 2.39%. Not much difference, right? However, if you compute the total difference for the entire loan period, you could be looking at saving a few hundred dollars. The money that you saved can be used to build an emergency fund.

Plus, with a credit union like We Florida Financial, you could get additional cash incentives—up to $250 depending on how much you're going to borrow. So before you approach your bank to inquire about their car loans, we recommend that you take a look at the options provided by We Florida Financial.

Refinance offer is valid for any auto loan that is not currently financed at We Florida Financial. Ask one of our loan officers for details. Loans will not be financed below our floor rate.Refinancing cash bonus will be deposited to your savings account when your loan closes. The bonus may be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as income. Offer expires 9/30/17.