The Various Ways That Pilots Can Earn Flying Hours

Earn Flying Hours: Several Unique Ways To Do It

There are a variety of certifications and ratings that pilots can earn. Some of these only require a few hundred hours; however, those who are looking to apply for a job with the airlines often need 1,500 hours or more. Furthermore, other positions might even require experience flying multi-engine craft or even turbine time. Therefore, how can a new pilot build flight time? There are a few ways that this can be done.

Towing Banners

Those who have spent any time in Florida have likely seen banners flying from its beautiful sunny skies. Particularly during those warm summer days, there are banners filling the skies. Why not fly a few of these banners? It might not be a fancy job; however, it does have a relatively low hours requirement. Furthermore, pilots can enjoy unique views of the ocean, beaches, and even sporting events.

Towing Gliders

With the beauty of Florida, there are numerous glider operations in the area. Therefore, why not become a tow pilot and tow some of these gliders? This is a unique way for pilots to hone their skills because the pilot doing the towing must be aware of both his own craft as well as the position of the glider. This will also help a pilot build important knowledge of the glider's performance and flight characteristics.

Assist the Skydivers

Another outstanding way to earn some flying hours is to help out with skydiving operations. While this might also require a commercial certification, this is a fun way for pilots to build some hours. Those who fly skydiving operations need to remain focused on both their own plane and the jumpers which helps build multi-tasking abilities. This is a demanding but also rewarding job.

Flying Scenic Tours

It's no secret that Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the country. With this in mind, those who are new to commercial flying should think about flying a tour plane. There are numerous tourist areas all up and down the state. Take a look at what's available in the state and try to sign up to provide some scenic tours.

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